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15 Mnemonic Devices That’ll Help You Remember Just About Anything

Mnemonic devices are memory aids that help you remember a specific thing. They can be acronyms, sentences, rhymes, or any other device that calls the things you’re trying to remember to mind.

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Memorize More With the Best Mnemonics From Wikipedia

There is nothing too smart or too stupid for a mnemonic. They can teach you features of specific neurological disorders, or they can teach you how to open a jar. Here are some of the cleverest memory aids that you might not know yet, as catalogued by Wikipedia.

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EDUCATION: Science can help with revision

Exams can be testing in more ways than the obvious. But there are skills and strategies which can make it easier.

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Helping toddlers in their speech and language

Language development is a critical part of children’s overall development and supporting good language development starts well before a child actually begins school.

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The Top Ten Mnemonics

Ways of remembering otherwise meaningless sequences in maths, astronomy, music, history, biology, shipping, chemistry and geography.

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