Turn Numbers Into Images: The Major System

The key to any memory system is your ability to turn information into picture images.

Turn Numbers Into Images

In our previous article about the Major System we discussed how you would turn numbers into images.

In this short post, I’m going to give you 10 number images to learn.

Turn numbers into images using the Major System and never forget anything ever again.

The key to any memory system is your ability to turn information into picture images. In this post we’ll discuss how to turn the numbers 0 to 10 into images that you can use to easily remember phone numbers, credit card numbers, birth dates, historical dates and more.

Just remember that it won’t be enough to just read the post, you need to take the numbers and their corresponding images and learn them by heart. You need to be able to read the number and associate the image automatically.

And this takes time and practice.

Number Images 0 – 10

0 = Sea

1 = Tie

2 = Noah

3 = Ma

4 = Ray

5 = Law

6 = Jaw

7 = Key

8 = Foe

9 = Bee

10 = Daz

How to Turn numbers into Images

Using the phonetic system turning numbers into images becomes a simple process.

Numbers 0 -5

For example: 0 = Sea because we substitute S or Z for 0.

1 becomes tie. T or D represent 1.

2 is turned into Noah because N = 2. There are 2 downstrokes to the letter N.

3 is M because there are 3 downstrokes to the letter M.

4 is R. They sound the same.

5 is Law. I use the image of Simon Pegg from the film Hot Fuzz to represent the law purely because it’s a funny image and I can do a lot with it.

Numbers 6 -10

6 = Jaw. I always imagine Desperate Dan’s jaw, from the Dandy comic, complete with bristling beard and complementary cow pie.

7 = Key. I use the image of a skeleton key.

8 = Foe. If you don’t have a nemesis, then feel free to change this to something like Ivy or UFO.

9 = Bee. This one’s obvious.

10 = Daz. I use the image of a box of Daz detergent because I have strong memories of using it growing up but for those of you who didn’t grow up in the UK then perhaps the words Dash or Daze will work for you.

Use what works for you.

You don’t have to use the images provided above. If you wish, create your own images. The key is to use the phonetic system to find a word image that you can remember and use easily.

Play around with the numbers above until you can use them with ease. Don’t worry about learning any more number images until you have the first ten committed to memory.

With only a little bit of practice you will find it a simple thing to turn numbers into images using the major system. It takes effort to learn and memorise the peg images but it’s truly worth it, especially when you combine it with a powerful technique such as the Method of Loci.


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