Working Memory: Boost IQ with Working Memory Exercises

Working Memory is the door through which everything you learn must pass, before it can be stored in long term memory.

Working Memory is the door through which everything you learn must pass, before it can be stored in long term memory. It is linked to IQ.

The stronger it is, and the greater your ability to process information, encode it and store it in long term memory, the higher your IQ will tend to be.

Working Memory Exercises

Working memory exercises are a great way to improve your ability to process information. Not only will they keep your mind and memory strong and healthy but consistent, daily mental exercise may be instrumental in keeping disease like Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s at bay.

But what mental exercises should you be doing?

N-Back Test

You can download a free N-Back Test app to your phone or PC, and this will allow you practice this devilish test. 20 mins a day, for 3o days, has been shown to significantly increase your ability to chunk and process information quickly and efficiently.

The N-Back Test trains your focus and concentration, as well as your ability to recall information.


Playing games like Draughts, Chess, Dominoes, Bridge, Poker, Backgammon will all have a positive impact on your working memory.

Because working memory involves observation, alertness, focus, and a touch of creativity, playing these games work your memory hard.

Fluency Tests for Working Memory

Semantic fluency tests are where you name as many animals or plants in one minute as you can without any duplication. For added difficulty, say them in alphabetical order.

Lexical fluency tests are where you name as many words beginning with a specific letter (for example, D) as you can in one minute.

Practicing these tests will also strengthen recall and your ability to process information.


Mindful meditation is another great memory exercise. Although it does not train working memory specifically, it does strengthen it in general by training your ability to focus and maintain concentration.

Mindful meditation also has the added bonus of teaching you how to stay in the moment and enjoy life in general. Regular practice will leave you feeling mentally balanced and in control.


Distraction is the supreme evil of our modern society. It is distraction that holds us back and prevents us from learning and remembering efficiently.

By training your focus, you increase the power and strength of your working memory and enable yourself to learn more and faster. And in the process, you will naturally increase your IQ.