The list below is not restricted to courses that have to do with brain health, learning about learning, psychology or memorisation.

From time to time we will add courses that we feel are beneficial for self improvement or social development.

Learning how to learn.

Check out Barbara Oakley’s free online course, Learning how to Learn, and discover the optimal methods for learning and remembering.

I took this course, which is hosted by Coursera, and enjoyed it. A lot more than I thought I would.

There’s nothing in the course that you can’t find on the web and most of what is taught in the course I already knew, but, and this is key; the way Barbara presents the course ensures that all that information sticks.

And that’s the whole purpose of the course. You learn how to learn and become more efficient at doing it.

I definitely recommend this free course to anyone interested in learning how to learn; better, faster and with less effort.