How to Develop a Super Power Memory

How to develop a super power memory by Harry Lorayne is full of memory systems that you can learn today and use in your day to day life.

How to develop a super power memory

How to develop a super power memory by Harry Lorayne was first published in 1958 and is still as relevant today as it was then. Perhaps even more so.

How to Develop a Super Power Memory

At 174 pages the book is broken into 26 chapters, each chapter short and easily digested:

Chapter 1. How keen is your observation?

Chapter 2. Habit is memory.

Chapter 3. Test your memory.

Chapter 4. Interest in memory.

Chapter 5. Link Method of memory.

Chapter 6. Peg System of memory.

Chapter 7. Uses of the Peg and Link Systems.

Chapter 8. How to train your observation.

Chapter 9. It pays to remember speeches, articles, scripts and anecdotes.

Chapter 10. It pays to remember playing cards.

Chapter 11. It pays to remember long digit numbers.

Chapter 12. Some Pegs for emergencies.

Chapter 13. It pays to remember dates.

Chapter 14. It pays to remember foreign languages, vocabulary and abstract information.

Chapter 15. It pays to remember names and faces.

Chapter 16. What’s in a name?

Chapter 17. More about names and faces.

Chapter 18. It pays to remember facts about people.

Chapter 19. It pays to remember telephone numbers.

Chapter 20. The importance of memory.

Chapter 21. Don’t be absent minded.

Chapter 22. Amaze your friends.

Chapter 23. It pays to remember appointments and schedules.

Chapter 24. It pays to remember anniversaries, birthdays and other important dates.

Chapter 25. Memory demonstrations.

Chapter 26. Use the systems.


Many people will look at this book and think it’s outdated. Certainly, some of the illustrations could do with being updated and given a more modern feel. Perhaps even substituting pictures of real men and women for greater depth and understanding of the principles put forward.

And yet, the information covered by Harry Lorayne, is just as up to date and useful today as it was 60 years ago.

The wonderful thing about this book is the connection that Mr Lorayne makes with you the reader. The language is straightforward, comfortable, like having a late-night conversation with an old friend beside a blazing fire.

And the information and systems that he shares are priceless, especially because Mr Lorayne isn’t attempting to turn you into a master memorizer. He’s not.

What he is trying to do is teach you how to remember BETTER, and how to apply his memory systems to your everyday life.


How to develop a super power memory is definitely a book for your shelf. It’s easily digested and is full of systems that will (if used) make remembering and recalling information so easy, you’ll amaze your friends and family.

The one thing to remember is this:

You must apply yourself to learning the systems and then use them, daily. Just reading the book won’t cut it. And it does take effort. However, the time you put into learning the systems will be time well spent.

I heartily recommend How to develop a super power memory. A big thumbs up.

About the Author

Harry Lorayne (born 1926) is an American magician and a memory-training specialist and writer who was called “The Yoda of Memory Training” by Time magazine.

He is well known for his mnemonic demonstrations and has appeared on numerous television shows including The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. His book The Memory Book was a New York Times bestseller.